The House Project is a Charity that runs/or funds and sustainable projects that beneficial to the local community from Rottingdean, Saltdean, Telscombe Cliffs, Peacehaven, Newhaven and Denton.

The centre was taken over by Joy and Harold De Souza in 2003 and now has two successful Charity shops and a meeting centre. The shops in Saltdean and Peachaven has a dedicated team of volunteers, headed by volunteer managers. Projects supported by the House Project number 46 at present.

There is also a food bank that gives out supples for the whole area covered. Families and individuals in need are often referred and it is the House Project’s pleasure to give whatever we can from out shops.

Volunteers are always welcome at both shops, feel free to contact us here.









Project Feedback

We support this very worthy group as it provides such a lot of help to people suffering from these debilitating conditions. The aim of the group is to help suffered ti have a better quality of life and to feel reconnected to a community that shares their pain and understands them.
Seahaven Fibromyalgia M.E and C.F.S Support Groupcompany
The House Project has recently funded this popular group, to enable them to buy a wide variety of camping equipment. The boys and girls enjoy camping and the funding has helped to provide successful camps for them.
Scout group, including Beavers and CubsMy Co.
This is an award given each year to children who attend Primary Schools in the areas that our charity covers. The award is presented to a child who has shown outstanding care and understanding towards others. See out blog to see who won this year.
Community Star Award 2018Company