• Jack Jutton
  • Lilly Carroll
  • Star

This is an award to be given each year to Primary Schools in the areas that our charity covers. The award will be presented to a child who has shown outstanding care and understanding to others. It may be bravery, fundraising, caring or support to another person or persons in the community, the list is endless! The person we are looking for is the one who has given that extra effort and selfless contribution, in fact a star!

The child with keep the Star, which will be engraved with their name as a reminder of their acheivement, and a new one will be given each year to another child nominated by their school.

We hope that many schools will participate in this aware scheme as we feel that the younger generation have a considerable contribution to make to the community and be recognised for this!

This years award trophies went to Jack Jutton, from Saltdean Primary School and Lilly Carroll from St Margarets’ C of E School, Rottingdean. Well done these two young people who do so much for the community.